Quart de Mile Campaign Campaign Has Ended


Guadeloupe runs in her blood. And wherever Marie-José Pérec sprints, she shines. Barcelona to Atlanta, Europe and the world. Elle est la championne.

Quart de Mile Shoe Teaser
Quart de Mile Shoe Teaser

coming soon

Morning Sessions Shoe Teaser
Morning Sessions Shoe Teaser Mobile


This one’s for the days that light up like the sunrise or go red-eyed. Haha yeah, this hit is real.



Here’s an idea. Before we even make a shoe, how ’bout you tell us if you like it first? If you do, we’ll make it in its full unique glory. And if you don’t? We scrap it. The decision’s 100% yours.
  • Product proposal is released for up to 30 days.
  • The shoe starts at $1 and will go up $1 with each commitment until it hits retail price.
  • Our goal is 500 pairs sold. If we hit the goal before the deadline, we close the campaign and get to work. But if we can’t reach that demand in 30 days, we don’t produce it.
  • We’ll only make a shoe if you want it. If you don’t want it, we ditch it and try again.

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